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The selection of films is done by the Selection Committee.

The submissions that meet the following criteria will be considered eligible for inclusion in the Festival programmes:

Other cinematographic forms that make a significant contribution to dealing with anthropological and ethnological topics may be included in special programmes.

No Festival participation fee is charged.

No compensation is paid for screening films within the Festival programmes.



The call for submission will be open from 1 March 2017 and only submissions received until May 25 2017 will be taken into consideration.

Authors who wish to submit multiple films shall fill in a separate form and submit a separate copy and the accompanying documentation for each film.

Only submissions with complete documentation will be taken into consideration. The complete documentation includes:

  1. a copy of the film provided via the Internet or on a DVD or a Blu Ray Disk, supplied with English subtitles;
  2. a filled-in entry form ( MS Word )
  3. a copy of the film (preferably at least DVD quality 720×576 px; HD format, 1280×720 px, 16:9 or greater is recommended);
  4. a synopsis (a maximum of 200 characters)
  5. a trailer
  6.  two film stills (minimum resolution 300 dpi)
  7. a short biography of the author (a maximum of 200 characters)
  8. a complete credits list (the names of directors, producers, screenplay writers, directors of photography, editors, sound editors, music editors)
  9. It should be clearly indicated on the envelope that the copy is shipped for cultural purposes and has no commercial value. The Festival will not bear any additional customs charges.

Films in languages other than Serbian or English must be subtitled in English. All films that enter the competition programme, including those in Serbian, must be subtitled in English.


A copy of the film on a DVD or a Blu Ray Disk, a printed and signed entry form (only fully completed entry forms will be taken into consideration), and a CD with supporting materials are to be shipped to the following address:

Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade

For International Festival of Ethnological Film

Studentski trg 13, (PO Box 357)

11000 Belgrade, Serbia

The accompanying documentation for the film can be sent via email as separate attachments to the address:

The organizer disclaims all responsibility for damage caused submitted materials.


The authors whose films are selected for one of the Festival programmes must deliver the following before 15 July 2017:

During the event, the Festival shall provide accommodation (bed and breakfast) to one representative of the film selected for the Competition Programme.

By submitting the entry form, the copyright owner of the film agrees in writing that a copy of the film will remain in the Archive of the International Festival of Ethnological Film, i.e. the archive of the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade. Both during and after the Festival, films will be used only for educational and non-commercial purposes.

The copyright owner of a film selected for the Festival shall allow its screening at the Festival free of charge.

The copyright owner of a film selected for the Festival shall allow use of up to three minutes of material from his/her film for the media promotion of the Festival.

A film cannot be withdrawn from the Festival after the Selection Committee has completed the selection process.

The programme of the International Festival of Ethnological Film includes competition and non-competition segments.



Competition Programme

Student Programme

ID3min Programme



Informative Programme

Special programmes


The International Jury of the Festival makes decisions on the awards for competition programmes


The Dragoslav Antonijević GRAND PRIX

The award for the best national film

The award for the best international film

The award for the best student film

The award for the best ID3min film


The International Jury may also deliver the following awards

The award for the contribution to intangible cultural heritage

The award for the best ethnographic record

The award for the best amateur film

The awards for cinematography

The award for editing

The award for sound

Press Award

Audience Award


With the prior consent of the Festival Board, other legal entities and individuals may grant their awards at the Festival.

If a prize is awarded to more than one laureate, the monetary part of the award shall be split evenly among them.

If the Jury considers that films fail to meet a satisfactory quality in a particular category, the Festival is not obliged to award the prize, and the funds allocated for this awards shall be transferred to another category, according to the agreement of the Jury and the organizers of the Festival.

By signing the Festival entry form, the submitter agrees to be bound by all provisions of the Festival Regulation.


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