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10. фестивал руско-српског занатства „Новогодишњи вашар“

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Виртуелни обилазак изложбе

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Свирале Етнографског музеја

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Снимак са онлајн отварања изложбе “Поклони и откупи Етнографског музеја у Београду 2014-2019. Личне историје – заједничко наслеђе”

Sorry, this entry is only available in Serbian.


Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade was founded in 1901, when the Ethnographic Department was separated from the National Museum to become an independent institution. The proposal to establish a museum that would study folk life and the conceptual and theoretical framework for such a museum were drafted by the historian Stojan Novaković, the Secretary of the Serbian Learned Society and subsequently a full member of the Serbian Royal Academy (presently the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts).

Manak’s house

Manak’s House was built about 1830 in Savamalska Street, by an old road that connected Varoš-Kapija (City Gate) and the old Belgrade urban neighbourhood of Savamala. One of its owners was Manak Mihailović, a Tzintzar (Aromanian) immigrant from Macedonia. The house was named after him and it has retained the name until the present day.

Dr. Sima Trojanovic Museum Shop and Bookstore

In order to get to the museum bookstore, turn to the right upon entering the Ethnographic Museum. At the bookstore, you may browse and buy monographs, cataloges and studies published by the museum.

A souvenir shop is located in the museum hall.

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Support the Ethnographic Museum through donations, sponsorship or membership in the Associates of the Ethnographic Museum. Support of the public, individuals, companies and organizations, helps us enlarge and restructure the museum, organize exhibitions, improve conservation, and develop educational programmes.


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