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The International Festival of Ethnological Film has for decades been one of the major programmes of the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade – Cultural Institution of  National Significance. Today, it is an indispensable destination in the annual agenda of Serbian and international filmmakers and experts, professionals and associates, as well as various groups of target audience. Thorough an uninterrupted persistence, the Festival – which initially largely focused on works of local authors and those coming from culturally similar environments, primarily due to peculiar circumstances under which it was organized during the international sanctions – has attained the status of an event which takes us to the most hidden of communities and cultures all over the planet. In terms of themes and content, the Festival testifies to inexorable processes of change in the way of perceiving and creating ethnographic films: from ethnographic notes, reconstructions of customary practices, interpretations related to daily life and the ritualization  of traditional communities, to the present-day, mostly anthropologically structured films dealing with contemporary contexts and changes spanning the spheres of individual and the current civilization’s understanding of the world, the community and the role of humans in them.

Constantly taking a step forward, the Festival has been directing its programmes towards new groups of filmmakers and expanding the area where ethnographic, ethnological and anthropological body of topics and subjects defined by the medium of film occur, taking into account the role of new technologies and tools in shaping a strictly documentary, explorative, and, finally, the author’s approach.

The 24th International Festival of Ethnological Film will be held on 6-11 October 2015.

Dr. Sima Trojanovic Museum Shop and Bookstore

In order to get to the museum bookstore, turn to the right upon entering the Ethnographic Museum. At the bookstore, you may browse and buy monographs, cataloges and studies published by the museum.

A souvenir shop is located in the museum hall.

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Manak’s house

Manak’s House was built about 1830 in Savamalska Street, by an old road that connected Varoš-Kapija (City Gate) and the old Belgrade urban neighbourhood of Savamala. One of its owners was Manak Mihailović, a Tzintzar (Aromanian) immigrant from Macedonia. The house was named after him and it has retained the name until the present day.

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